For many years now, wellness has been steadily gaining traction and has recently interest has spiked in everything from superfoods, gym memberships, dietary requirements with a rising awareness in overall health, to the more spiritual side in meditation, yoga retreats and in people getting outdoors and into nature.

In this digital and information age, this is increasingly important with our work, and our personal lives are becoming increasingly busy and stressful and the lines between them are blurred. Time for yourself can be easily put to the side or pushed perpetually until ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’ in our busy lives until we are overworked and overstressed and in some cases experiencing burnout.                                  

One way of mitigating this has thrived in countries all over the world, a tried and true method and increasingly popular, and seeing positive trends in the wellness space: Massage. Besides being a great way to unwind from a week (or months of stress), there are many great medical benefits to a massage: people alleviating aches and pains, helping with overworked muscles that are stiff and tight, however perhaps one of the most important: are the scientific studies that link massage with reducing depression and anxiety.                                                                                                        

Part of the reasons massage reduces depression and anxiety is the simple reason that it is relaxing. The idea is further supported by evidence that massage therapy can provide migraine relief, stress reduction, may reduce blood pressure and can help people to sleep better, has positive effects on mood and mental health.  

The real feeling of relaxation that a good massage can leave you with is just profound — good quality massage therapy is a worthwhile service for anyone looking for a bit wellness to put their body back in balance. Having all of these makes it such a popular therapy for many, especially when it is mobile massage.

What is mobile massage?

mobile massage

The Perks of Mobile Massage

Mobile spa and mobile massage services are essentially home delivery services, offering you convenience, and saving you time (no travelling and no waiting), allowing you to get professional massage anywhere when you choose. You relax in the comfort of your homes! You can even give your employees some relaxation delivered to the office and join the movement in corporations looking after employees and recognising the benefit in employee wellness and its links to productivity.

No matter what kind of event it is, from a weekend away event, a ladies night in, or just relieving some aches and pains after a week of skiing or hiking, our  mobile massage therapists can help create your very own spa experience no matter where you are.

Mobile massage and its advantages:

Professionally trained and qualified massage therapists.

That’s right! Our mobile massage therapists are professionally trained, licensed, certified, and have undergone the necessary training to give you the best service and experience. They give importance to hygiene and are dedicated to their craft. Rest assured that they are of the highest standard.

mobile beauty treatments

You can pick the time and place.

This is what makes it such a convenient service. With mobile massage, you can get a therapist right at your doorstep. You don’t need to leave the house and can avoid the crowds (and traffic!). You can choose what time and what kind of treatment you want. This offers less hassle, and more time in your day since you won’t have to travel out to get a massage.

Create your own personal spa in your own space: Our mobile massage therapist bring all the equipment needed.

Your mobile massage therapist comes equipped with everything they need to create your own personal spa including a portable spa bed, disposable bed covers, towels and even some relaxing music to give you that full spa experience and make you as comfortable and at ease as if you are in a salon.

At The Spa Nomad, our mobile massage is done by experienced, trained, fully licensed, and certified professionals. They have previous experience working in top spas and beauty salons. With our help, you won’t have to worry about going out, and instead choose to have your massage at the time and date of your choosing. So, book an appointment with us today!