On 14th May, New Zealand adjusted its alert level from level 3 (restrict) to level 2 (reduce). This is considered a great win for all and allows people to enjoy a few more freedoms and creature comforts. With the option of going outside home: people can reconnect with friends and family, and socialise in groups of up to 10, dine out at restaurants, go shopping,  go to your hairdresser/barber (!!!) and go to beauty salons (Yes we’re open too!).

Businesses can also reopen under the strict guidelines provided by the government (if able to do so safely). We can return to a sense of more normality. This is a huge win in helping to get people back to work and everyone itching getting back to routines and habits. That includes the beauty, wellness and skincare basics you’ve been missing out on.

Our mobile team is composed of certified professionals that go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our world class standard. We have rolled out a comprehensive checklist covering safety precautions and hygienic procedures in place while your self-care at home

What our customers love about our spa treatments:

Results. Loosen up and forget your worries, relax into a well-deserved spa treatment. Our top of the line facial machines and devices help to achieve noticeable results. We take before-after photos (for your eyes only) so you can see for yourself. Facials and massages help to achieve physical change but can also help soothe and melt away weeks of worries and help to improve your mental health.

Rejuvenate. Give your skin a glow with facials. Maybe treat yourself to a collagen or fire and ice facial to help remove the fine lines caused from worry or stress. Massages have been shown to aid blood flow, helping to deliver oxygen to all the body’s cells, and giving you that boost in energy. Massage also helps your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins, waste build-up and bacteria.

Relax. The ultimate aim of what we do is to make you feel at ease. Providing more convenience and accessibility you can sit back and relax.  With our treatments, you’ll get the self-care you’ve scheduled in and feel all of your tensions fade away.  Our facials all include a gentle and calming face massage to leave you in a state of bliss. 


Why The Spa Nomad

We know it’s been a tough period out there for many, and it is important to look after yourself and your well-being. Self-care means different things to each individual and even if it’s not your normal thing – Treat yourself to a well-deserved break to relax, rejuvenate and get real results. Good news, now that we’ve moved to level 2, The Spa Nomad NZ can be your very own VIP celebrity style mobile beauty and wellness salon in the comfort and safety of your own home. Sit back and relax, we come to you.

* currently only offered in Wellington and Auckland